School for Lifestyle Sport and Exercise

About the school for Lifestyle, Sport and Exercise

The school for Lifestyle, Sport and Exercise, founded in 2003, stemmed from the increasing demand in the regional labour market for professionals in the field of Lifestyle, Sport and Exercise. Today we teach roughly 650 students who are studying on three different levels (Level 2, Sport and Exercise Helper; Level 3, Sport and Exercise Worker; Level 4, Sport and Exercise Coordinator). Graduated students have become skilled professionals with a number of specialisations and are therefore very well-received by the regional labour market.

The labour market when you have graduated

After graduation, most of our students are successful in finding a job. Depending on the level and chosen subjects or specialisation, employment is primarily found in one of the following areas:

  • Snowboard/ ski instructor
  • Assistant PE teacher
  • Personal trainer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Outdoor activity instructor
  • Assistant Fitness instructor or Fitness instructor
  • Assistant Swim instructor or Swim instructor
  • Operational Manager in Sports and Exercise
  • Lifestyle trainer or Lifestyle coach
We strive to have a very positive school climate – mutual respect is the key word.
Job Schenau, Principal school for Lifestyle, Sport and Exercise

Our vision

At the school for Lifestyle, Sport and Exercise we want to prepare confident and educated students who are trustworthy and reliable. For this reason we place strong emphasis on what we call professional attitude.

We strive to be better, and more intensive than the other Regional Vocational Education Training Centres in the Netherlands. By doing so, we have created a permanent preferential position with students, parents, schools, local councils, and the labour market. Because of this our students are often selected to assist at various large (sporting) events. In the past our students assisted at the World Field Hockey Championships and the World Beach Volleyball Championships.

Excellence status and internationalisation

We are very proud to say that out of the 26 schools of ROC Mondriaan the school for Lifestyle, Sport and Exercise is one of the five schools tasked to produce exceptional education. This means that during the next four years the quality of our education will be even stronger than it is today. Moreover, we encourage gifted students to follow extracurricular activities so each of them can grow to their maximum individual level of excellence. This level will be specifically mentioned on their diplomas. We will offer various forms of internationalisation within our own school and region study programme, and a number of students will participate in an exchange programme with partner schools abroad.

Interested? If you would like to have more information about the structure, possibilities and difference between the levels, take a look at this factsheet.