Manager Entrepreneur Hospitality

Manager Entrepreneur Hospitality

You gain practical experience working as a trainee in hotels all over the world.

The IHMS is a Hotel and Management School which focuses on the world of Hospitality. We offer outstanding education for young people interested in a career in Hospitality. The classes, which are taught in English, are challenging, interesting and valuable. They equip students for employment within the Hospitality sector, as well as give a sound basis for starting a business. During the Industrial training period, students gain practical experience working as a trainee in Hotels all over the world.

The Hotel Management School offers students a four year program of study. The first two years are spent in our classrooms, Hotel, Restaurants and Kitchens, following that you do an industrial training for 40 weeks, preferably 20 weeks abroad and 20 weeks in the Netherlands. In year four you return to our school to finish your education.Together this creates a solid foundation for a successful career in Hospitality. In this course students perform real life projects which are supported by a number of subjects. In addition to their practical work experience, all students are expected to complete study in:

  • Business Administration
  • Business Economics
  • Law
  • Human Resource Management
  • Computer Science, Catering
  • Hotel Management
  • Beverages and Menu education
  • Hospitality Skills, Reception Work
  • Environmental Hygiene Automation
  • Financial Systems
  • English, Spanish and Dutch.

Please note: there is a requirement for passing National Dutch language Central Exams to complete this program.

At the beginning of the fourth year, students enjoy an educational culinary wine trip.

It is not required to have experience in the hospitality sector, but it will help if you have already gained some. Sometimes the hospitality world seems really nice on the outside, but it often turns out that – behind the scenes – it is hard work. You have to really like that and be able to handle it.
It is also not required to have cooking experience.

If you plan to start your own business, you must be skilled in doing business and in writing a business plan. Both the “Hotel Management” study programme and the “Cooperating Hospitality Entrepreneur” ( Horeca Ondernemer) offer these opportunities. If you are not attracted to the “hotel world”, then it is best to follow your dream by following the study programme: “Horeca Ondernemer” (offered only in the Dutch language).

Areas of employment?

The study programme Manager Hospitality Entrepreneur (MOH) is a training for a managerial position in the hospitality sector. Think of a position as a manager in a hotel, restaurant or conference centre. Many of our students are also offered great positions outside the hospitality industry, such as in the banking sector, in the retail sector, in the business world, etc.

Praktische informatie

Entry requirements

Foreign students:

  • High School or International General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) or equivalent diploma
  • good command of English (IELT or similar)

Dutch students:

  • vmbo-diploma theoretische leerweg, gemengde of kaderberoepsgerichte leerweg
    Bij voorkeur met examen in economie en/of wiskunde en naast Engels een tweede vreemde taal
  • Overgangsbewijs van 3 naar 4 havo/vwo
  • Engels met tenminste een 7 als eindexamencijfer of als gemiddeld cijfer Engels op de meest recente cijferlijst


If you are eighteen or older, Dutch law states that you have to pay a tuition fee. For the school year 2022-2023 this tuition fee is € 1.239,00.

Schoolfees Manager Entrepreneur Hospitality

Schoolyear Educational requirements: books, readers, licenses and such Educational requirements: professional clothing and such Voluntary contribution excursions and such Costs per schoolyear Total costs 4-year course
1 510 350 50 910
2 375 50 425
3 10 180^ 10
4 40 490 530

(^)The internship fee will be invoiced after a final choice for an internship abroad. If a student opts for an internship abroad, this contribution is mandatory.


When you come to see us for your application interview (intake) we ask you to bring your personal file. This should contain a letter of motivation, a questionnaire on our school and your expectation of the study load. We ask you this because we believe that it is important that you know what you may expect. When you join the International Stream you will need a certain level of English. You will need to demonstrate this by doing the Cambridge test, and you must have at least 7 points on your latest diploma.


  • teamwork and perseverance
  • hospitality orientation
  • good social skills
  • creativity and ability to improvise
  • excellent English skills
  • numerical skills


Learning by doing is an important part of this programme. During your entire study programme, you will do an internship for a total of 1,760 hours. MBO students often receive a (small) internship allowance.

In the third year you do an industrial training for 40 weeks, preferably 20 weeks abroad and 20 weeks in the Netherlands. The school will arrange that for you. You can indicate your preference in terms of country and we will then carefully look at which internship positions are best suited for you.


The programme contains a mix of theory lessons, internships and practical lessons. Although it is offered in varied forms, you should keep in mind that there will be days in which you follow 6 hours of theory lessons like:

  • Entrepreneurship (including both Business Economics and Accounting)
  • Management (you learn to supervise in the practicals, but you are also taught the necessary knowledge in the theory lessons).
  • Cooking and Serving (including theory lessons about product knowledge, beverage knowledge, serving techniques and how to be hospitable and follow the rules of etiquette).
  • Rooms Division Management
  • Spanish or German or French (only Spanish in the International Stream)
  • Numeracy
  • Dutch
  • Citizenship and Career Orientation

Homework is also part of the programme. You also have to keep track of your own diary (agenda) and make sure you finish everything on time. But then again, you are being trained as a manager, so it is only logical that first you have to learn to “manage” yourself.

The first year consists of two modules of 16 weeks; per module there is one central theme (culinary art, restaurant service).

You can follow the entire study programme in English. We call this the “International Stream”. You have to take an English test in advance to get into the programme. There is also a bilingual study programme for those students who want to start the first year in Dutch and then follow the programme in the second year, half in English and half in Dutch. In that case, simply register for the Dutch study programme.

Please note: there is a requirement for passing National Dutch language Central Exams to complete this program.


If you have a BSN number you can apply online by clicking the red button 'meld je aan' on top of this page.

If you don't have a BSN number you can download the application form for the Mondriaan International Hotel and Management School here:

Application form

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Further studies?

At least 70% of our graduates go on to HBO after this study programme and follow study programmes such as Business Economics, HRM, International Business, Facility Management, or they continue their studies at, for example, the higher hotel schools in The Hague, Amsterdam, Leeuwarden or Maastricht.

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